Wednesday, May 03, 2006

On cloud number nine!!!

Yippee...its been a year! Can't believe its been a year now. Well my friends wud know what I am talking abt. Yesterday was my first wedding anniversary! Its all so fresh in my mind, the day I got married. All the preparations, we had so much fun, me, my family, my friends. We danced till the wee hours a day before. I remember how I cried when my beautician applied too much make up - made me look like a pancake. Thank God my better senses prevailed and I actually made her remove all the make up TWICE and made her do it the way I wanted it to be - light and natural.
The beautiful arrangement, the lightings and the smell of flowers... ahh... it was lovely. One thing I always crib abt is missing all the good food in my wedding, I could hear ppl praising it, gorging on it, but could do nothing but smile. Couldn't eat much, didn't want the whole world to know what a pig I was, specially didn't want the cameras to shoot me hogging. (These camera guys have a tendency to shoot you specially when u want them to leave you alone, they love to focus on the plate and then slowly move towards the person's face, proving the fact that the person eating is not fat for nothing :) )

And also thank God for you, my sweetheart, I am very skeptical abt writing abt my family on the net, somehow. But cudn’t resist from doing it this time.
Nothing went acc to what we had planned for yesterday, I kept pestering him to come home early and when he managed to, I reached home late :(
At night, i received a lovely cake from my sister. He also got a cake, a rather sinful, creamy, full of chocolate shavings and cherries cake. He made amazing paneer cutlets, I just somehow didn’t expect such a welcome and actually cried when I saw all of this. How silly of me, plz...plz... do repeat this sweety, in case u didn’t get it, I was crying because I was very happy, touched and tired!!!
Thank you for always being there for me and loving me unconditionally. May we make a century and more! God bless you sweetheart.

Love and prayers.