Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Life nowadays...

Sid went to Singapore, found nothing great abt the place. He found it to be similar to Delhi. My sister as I mentioned in the previous post, compared Los Angeles to Gurgaon! Now I have no doubt abt the fact that I am surrounded by people who are over-obsessed with Delhi.

He loved the night safari and 4D theatre. A 4D theatre is a combination of a 3D movie with chair effects, leg ticklers, water sprinklers, lightning, fog, special smells and all. I for sure would not have enjoyed the experience, the idea of spiders crawling over my feet is certainly not my idea of's creepy and scary! The entire site seeing of four days was combined with many rounds of shopping and I am proud of him for shopping alone for the first time in his life.
I have done him proud too. I was alone at home for two consecutive nights. Though the lights were on and I read myself to sleep at 2 am on both the nights.

I have been discovering the complex near my office, thx to Ipshi. We just go out and explore the shops. I am falling in love with the place, apart from amazing food joints, there are n number shops with great clothes, many salons around (now I can catch up with my waxing and eye brows shaping - silly things that really matter) and ofcourse DMart for my grocery shopping. I wonder when I will get the time to work, side effects of having too many choices around i guess. :)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hurray! I moved on...

Have changed my job and crossing my fingers for it to turn out well.
My honeymoon period is on, no work as of now. I am not regretting being free, infact it's a well deserved break from the whirlwind of the work, the maddening deadlines and constant ill-health. Trust me, everyone should consider a change in job at least once a year :) My bosses will kill me for saying that.

Lots of things happened suddenly, I got a new job, came to a new place, somehow for the first three days, missed my last office. Guess idle mind can sometimes cook up unsuspected, crazy thoughts. My sister moved to LA...she is comparing the place with Gurgaon (a place near Delhi)!! Ha...ha...what a waste.
She didn't find it very exciting or beautiful. Though I am sure she'll discover it more in coming days and wud send some nice snaps, which I shall dutifully put up here.

My office is in a beautiful complex surrounded by amazing looking buildings, great shops and thousands of eateries. My afternoons are usually fun-filled where I head on for the market for the sheer joy of window shopping. Little restaurants to Fine dining, Chinese sizzlers to mughlai daal- everything is available. Of course my plans for dieting and losing unnecessary fat seem to shake a bit as it is hard for me to resist all of this.
My office cafeteria is pretty cool too. Great variety and decent food at very reasonable rates, a bliss considering the last place where I used to work didn't have a decent canteen. Everyday ordering from outside was taking its toll on me.

I am slowly getting used to traveling for long hours too. Just hoping things turn out fine here.
For those of you who are not from Bombay, these are the actual images of Hiranandani Complex, no phoren country.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Delhi on edge

It hurts to see so many people suffering. After reservations, the sealing comes to prove the same point, our democracy is no better than dictatorship.
Is it so difficult for the government to find a solution here, to have mercy at the poor traders who earn on daily basis? I shudder to think what these people would be going through. The constant threat of snatching your right to live a decent life, the responsibility of your family, the thought of moving your kids from a private school to a pathetic government school. It is plain sick!
Encouraging mushrooming of malls, big wigs like Reliance and Bharti (Airtel) getting into retail full-on explains the government's decision to wipe out local shops. Wonder why they think that public is foolish enough to believe their concept of improving the infrastructure of the city.
Have a look at some of the captures of sealing in Delhi.