Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Riot of colours

My sister's recent shopping spree encouraged me to write more abt Delhi. I am so jealous, I know u got beautiful kurtis, all for urself grr....but I am glad atleast somebody shopped :(

Delhi. Thousands of places to shop, to visit, a huge city with lots to discover. On one hand you have shopkeepers speaking in rich Punjabi accent, and on the other hand you can spot them speaking in English, French and even German!!! That's the kind of culture you get in Delhi, keeping abreast with the changing trends.
Dilli Haat (or mini India as we like to call it) is a mix bag of all states of India. U get stuff from all parts of the country at one stop, accompanied with amazing food (cuisine from various parts of the country). U'll get the best Chinese food here, yummy chicken momos! One can shop for handicraft, cotton kurtis, Lehngas, skirts, jewellery, get hair braiding and henna and every weekend witness folk dances and performances by artists called from all over India. It's a festival here everyday.

Then our very own Janpath and Sarojini Nagar. Amazing places to shop and hang around. Best clothes, great bargains, it is here that the shopkeepers speak in different languages, cause the place is flooded with tourists. Situated in the heart of the city, Janpath is close to all the major galleries, emporiums, one
of the main being Cottage Emporium.
Uff, that place (Cottage Emporium) is just too good for words, a must see. God only knows how ppl can be so...creative, u get antique stuff there, obviously catering to the privileged few, exorbitant prices but all unique stuff.
Then there are n number of tombs, old palaces and other historical buildings.
Delhi is also famous for its street food, from bhale-papri to gol-gappe to alu tikki to momos to dosas and what not.
Beautifully campus of Delhi University, Chandni Chowk – a huge market for clothes, gold and electronic items, this place is also famous for its 'Parathe waali gali'- a whole lane of shops that serve only parathas! Then there is Lajpat Nagar – one of my favourite, G.K. M-block market, and Noida to shop. One is never short of choice in Delhi.

Monday, June 12, 2006

One of those days

I am missing my sweetheart, my Jacky.
I swear I have never seen such a smart dog , calling him a dog is an insult. He was better than us, was a better son (if I may say so, cause he treated my mom as his own), was extremely obedient (only when it came to following what my mom and popsy had to say)! He actually understood what we said, knew out tones...when we were angry, even when we were sarcastic.
Better still he could speak, he actually used to call my mom as 'mauu...' He used to cry out loud whenever she came back from office and we hugged her leaving no space for Jacky to jump on my mom. Such a darling... everyday around six in the evening he sat near the main door and waited for my mom to come. He was completely pampered by my sis, I tried to make a balance by scolding him a little and spoiling him more, and he treated my lil bro like his pal!
We've had the best times with Jacky, from the day we got him (he looked like a cotton ball) to the day he left us. His mischief, his unconditional love, all will remain with us throughout the life.
There are so many tales, his little adventures which we can never forget.
I wish u cud live longer, I still need u Jacky and I miss u.
What a coincidence Ipshi, while I was half way thru my post, I got to know abt Bittu. I know what u r going thru sweety, but it's a part of life, no matter how hard it is, how killing it is, one has to accept it. My Jacky was in a lot of pain in his last days, all that we could think to pacify ourselves was that it was for his own good. We can't be so selfish, he had lived his life peacefully and had the right to depart peacefully also. We have to let them go, their memories are always going to be with us. My Jacky is still alive for me. Let's just pray for Bittu and Jacky.