Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Finally I got some time to write for my blog. There is something gravely wrong with my bosses, either they give us no work or bombard us with it, neways, guess today it's going to be slightly light. So before anyone catches me without work, I'll write something about my friends. My friends, whom I met in an all girls’ college!!
Coming from a co-ed school, I had never imagined studying in an all girls’ college. And with the reputation these colleges have, I was nearly sure I wud never end up in any one of those. But u know how it is, the farther u try to run from things, the more they follow u and one day beat u in the race and are there in ur face! All my dreams of getting into engineering were shattered by my family when I cleared this entrance for a teaching course. Full of apprehensions and anger I joined the college. My first few days were really bad, I took longer time than usual to adjust in that strange place. Though my department had the most sincere and serious (looking!) girls in the college but it was hard to ignore the general crowd there. All the girls (trust me all of them) thought that they were fighting against each other in some kind of a contest (read beauty contest :) ). Coming from the department, which was into serious stuff like teaching, we had to carry huge bags to college. I am sure people on the street believed that either we were running away from home or trying to sell agarbattis or surf or similar stuff! So as Ipshi says, the moo point is that we HAD to carry huge heavy bags. But the girls around us had these really small purses (pouches wud be apt) which cud not hold more than a few coins and a cell phone may be. We always had floaters or sneakers on, in contrast to their stilettos, we wore cotton kurtas with the most unmatched lowers and duppata (some kind of a fashion statement we thought, it gave us that theatrish, purposeful look), they wore net, silk, satin in college! It was rediculous, I mean seriously, how can one study or for that matter enjoy carelessly after wearing such things.

But it would be a lie if I say I didn't enjoy all that. It was mostly fun to look at these things, you get to meet all kinds of disillusioned, funny people. Plus the advantage of being in a colourful environment...you just have to look outside your classroom window to ward of those bouts of sleep. I found the most sweetest friends in my college. We were a group of 11 girls, Vani, Amita, Maneeta, Jasmeet, Fauzia, Priyanka, Sarita, Meenu, Sapna and Simi.
All special in their own way, all unique in their own way. We’ve had our share of fights, we have laughed together, grew up together and till date can stand up for each other at any point of time.
How we used to hate making projects and long to leave the college to start our careers as soon as possible. We were so wrong, we had the best time in college. I miss the days we used to bunk our college and go to Meenu’s place and dance till the evening, sometimes we used to go to Amita’s place and just sit and chat in her little cozy house (Oh and I still remember the way she used to cook - she always managed to scare me - the way her hands moved, it was probably the smell of spices that made her hyperactive) and our practice for dance competition at my place till 5 in the morning (My sweethearts, my family never asked us to stop, never created a fuss over loud music and very sweetly understood how important those dance trophies were for us)

Those special moments have kept all of us together, all these years. I hope it remains like this always and i hope we still hug each other whenever we cross each other's path.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mumbai meri Jaan??

Yeah, I was moving to Mumbai, being in a new city, meeting new people, I was going thru a variety of emotions. I was excited and at the same time extremely sad to leave my parents and move on.
26th July rain delayed our shifting to Bombay, we came in August. But what the heck, the rains were bad enough for me then as well. I am so not used to heavy rains and all. Life came to a standstill if it rained in Delhi, we used to cancel our dinners, our outings everything, but damn, nothing stops working in Bombay.
I admire this attitude of people though, they have learned to live with the fact that it will rain for months altogether. Phew! Wud be hard for me to adjust, but guess that’s life, it throws u in the most bizarre situations at the most unexpected time.

I started to explore the city, the hard way, traveling in jam-packed trains, which by the way is an experience in itself. Smartly dressed up people, full of sophistication suddenly turn into demons. They kick u, hurl abuses at u and even punch u to get on to the train. It’s also an art I think, and I fail miserably in this game.
All the stories I had heard about the traffic and crowd in Bombay came alive, Bombay isn’t called world’s 4th most populated metropolitan area for nothing!

But then the good part, when u meet people with whom u can connect. My friends, my saviors, my sweethearts Anusha, Ipshi and Josie. I have seen Bombay in a new light thanks to them. Discovered the amazing bakeries, beautiful and majestic sea, yummy vada pavs, samosa pavs (didn’t know the concept of samosa with pav! It’s amazing, must try!), delicious frankies and ofcourse Hill Road.
Wait, there is certainly more to Bombay than vada pav and sea. U meet these amazing people who just aren’t bothered about what u are wearing and if u r wearing! No questions asked, no eyebrows raised, no eve-teasing and u can actually travel at night, which by the way was new to me, we dnt travel alone in Delhi, actually ‘can’t travel alone’ would be more appropriate.

It’s so sad to see a wonderful place like Bombay becoming a dumping ground, a big slum. We surely can do with some wide roads, cleaner mithi river and better trains. Wish these politicians cud once think abt the people rather than themselves :(

Undeniably, Bombay has something magical about it. There is some kind of an unexplained attraction, for some its money and for some fame. But sincerely I still feel Bombay can't beat Delhi, u just can't compare the two in terms of wide roads, green pastures, open spaces and amazing street food. I miss Delhi, boo…..hooo….hoo :(

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Space

My Space! What a cliche` title, but what the heck, cudn't think of a better name. Guess it goes well with my state of mind. My space, a place, a space where i can speak (err...write) my mind freely. To start with, I am Eisha, working in an organiation where either there is too much work or just abt no work for days altogether. So hoping to find substantial amt of free time so that I can update this space regularly.

I have shifted to Bombay a while ago, and i really miss my home-town. Wow, home-town sounds like some far-flung village, I am from Delhi.
New city, new people, had alot of new experiences. I have a lot to share, so wud write more tomorrow. Meanwhile, those of u, who come across my blog, even by fluke, plz plz post a comment.
More later........ take care!