Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My recent blog template may look vibrant, but no great shakes on the side of posts. I have decided I am going to ramble and ramble more. If you have a feeling that this post is utter crap, in all likelihood it is. Ipshi, anoosha, josie...you guys better read it, it is your punishment of leaving me alone here in LB. I dnt have you guys around me to vent out, so read on.

Past one month has been hectic, crazy, back-breaking...working at a stretch for 17.30 hrs without breaks has crossed my every past record. I would have been a rocket scientist if I had studied so much in my school days. But know what, I don't regret it, I enjoyed every bit...actually that would be an unfair exaggeration, but the point is, I did enjoy myself. I liked creating the course, loved looking at the final product, had a great team and a good project manager (which is rare!!!). Hope I am not speaking too soon.

Lots of work meant less time at home and more opportunity to either make friends or lots of enemies in office. I made a few friends and one enemy. But I still don't feel close to anyone here, there is this strange vacuum and I don't feel good about it. I have got a bad habit of having grt friends around me. I miss all of them. When I am not working, I get into this self created shell and feel extremely lonely. I get hyper and lose my temper becoz there is nobody here who knows what is bothering me, who can calm me down. Lots of them to talk generally but nobody to share my feelings with. Guess I need a brk immediately…sigh!

Have decided to clean up my almirah this weekend, hopeful as ever! Got my hair coloured, globally, not very different from my natural hair colour, just added shine and slightly brown. Planning to get streaks done on my hair this weekend…hope she does a good job. A shoddy job with blonde highlights would be a nightmare, keeping my fingers crossed.

Yuv is finally going back to London. I am happy for him. He needs to get back there soon, this climate and the hard floor is not doing him any good. He keeps falling down and bumping his head, he's used to the carpeted floors and wooden walls. We are scared for him, he looked like a happy healthy kid a month back. He looks all dented and tired and cranky now. Funny for us maybe, he doesn’t know how to handle mosquito bites, he keeps scratching them.
He has scared the day lights out of me. I am too scared to even think of having a kid…no personal life, oodles of energy required to run after them, sleepless nights, untidy house (things lying all over the place) and constant crying. Himani says its all worth it…phew! I just think she has become a super mom without even realizing it.

I drew four cartoons today in off, had no work and guess I will get back to my craft and other hobbies soon. It is so relaxing and unwinds me completely. Ppl close to me please get ready to receive weird looking cards and stuff. Just a word of warning, you better appreciate whatever is presented cause I am sure to make it with lots of love and hard work.


Anusha said...

Eisha, sweetheart, you don't know what you've just done- you've written your best post ever. I know this wasn't exactly what you were aiming at when you began venting, but I think when there is a lot of emotion behind what you write, it always comes across straigh. I can completely relate to it. Ok not completely, because I haven't had enough work to even suitably call it work. But something about the vaccum yes. I couldn't have stated it better myself. And you know sometimes I feel like we've been put to test- to know the real world and realize that everything is not always hunky dory. And I so do hate this part of growing up. I do hope that things look up sometime soon. And yes, we're always, always there for you. Like you'll always be there for me, right? :-)So vent it all out dear. We're all ears, and all eyes in the blogging world.

Now about the cooler part. Hey!!!!!!! you drew cartoons?!! That is cool. Put it up on your blog, will you. And hey again about your creative streak. I'm waiting for something to come my way:-) You bet, cutting and paiting or whatever it is, makes you feel so good. Good for you and keep up that smile.

p.s. When are we all meeting? I meet people one at a time. Let's all meet together sooon..

eisha said...

:) U are a sweetheart.
I'll try to put up the funny cartoons soon.
Can't wait to meet u and ipshi today.

Ipshi said...

First things first ... aaaaaaaaa i wanna see the cartoons!!! now now nowwwwww

And now im gonna be all serious, I'm gonna second Anoooosha's opinion about this being one of your most well-written posts, will not say best cos its competing with ur anniversary post which was very refreshing :)

The thing that really amazes me is the great simplicity with which u view things that can be earth shattering conclusions for others.

Many people see a good or bad job or boss or even erratic schedules as a part of life that no one has any control over. U r one person I know who is so positive about life's changes and is ready to give it her best :)

The whole piece about the child is beautifully written and the insight into a mother's life from a non-mother is something i completely relate with.. Living with my nieces has taught me so much about patience and unconditional love...

I'm genuinely sorry about this rambling comment?

eisha said...

Thanks sweetie, actually thanks to both of you for such lovely words.
You have simply poured your heart and I can relate to each and every word you guys wrote.

Moments like these just reiterate the fact that God has been very kind to me by giving me friends like you. I hope we keep loving each other the same way...always.

Anush said...

Why is Ipshi sorry about rambling. I lurve rambling when I leave comments. If you haven't got it, it's my idea of blogging. Don't put regular posts of my own, but the collective word count of all my comments shall definitely make up for that. lol.

Eisha, I mirror your sentiments. I think we all balance out mush and madness quite well. :-)

Ipshi said...

im bawling with my sentiments now.. by the by hav v shifted from mails to here?? i quite love the mailing v do... this area is perhaps for the bigger questions in life.. like is it hard to feel lonely when ppl around u r great but just not great enuf... or maybe v shud wonder about how spoilt we are by staying together all the time at niit or better yet ... lemme ask a very very important question.. who is the enemy that Eisha has made there !!??!!

eisha said...

This area is too precious to delve further into that, i'll send a mail about it :)

Thx guys, u made my day wit the lovely flowers and the beautiful candle, the best part is that u guys thought so much abt the whole thing, i am really touched...can't probably explain in words...

eisha said...
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Ipshi said...

Happy Anniversary Little Girl!!! best of luck with everything you do ... and remember ur groan grumble and bitching hearers are always officially here :)

Ipshi said...

o and by the way ... happy anniversary to ur blog too :)

Anonymous said...

So happens. Let's discuss this question. Here or in PM.