Thursday, June 07, 2007

Crying foul

Saw Metro last week. Very well made movie, the effort on the part of the director Anurag Basu is commendable, he has made his characters look believable and close to life. Only if the director was gracious enough to accept that he has copied a very famous play of National School of Drama. Throughout the story of Sharmaan Joshi and Kangana, I kept clutching my fist in anger. I could not believe how a director of his stature could copy frame to frame and to top it all, accept the critical acclaim. Refer to his recent interview given after the successful release of Metro:

Excerpts from the interview: “On questioning him about his earlier films that were more or less a copy of English films he says 'agar main ab copy karoonga toh Meri biwi maar degi' he further explains saying "I could not help making copies as I was asked to make them. Murder though was a copy of English film Unfaithful, I took up writing in my hand with that film and tried to make it different." – Anurag Basu in an interview.

One of my favourite plays, Shortcut directed by Ranjit Kapoor, NSD Repertory, is a better version of Sharmaan and Kangana’s story. It is a wonderful play with soulful music and amazing artists. This play can put any hindi movie to shame, in terms of songs, acting, and story. Every year, we wait for this play to be shown in the Summer Theatre Festival, NSD, Delhi. It is truly sad to see how people steal stories and bask in the glory of the success of the movie, without feeling guilty or ashamed.

The least Anurag Basu could have done was accept that he has taken the story instead of snatching the credit from the talented director of NSD, Ranjit Kapoor. Wonder what Anurag’s wife would be thinking now?

Shortcut was shown in the present Summer Theatre Festival also on May 31st, June 1st and 2nd.

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Ipshi said...

Wow.. ur first journalistic post!! im so impressed! the topic u hav picked on is a very sore topic for me too, especially whenever i see mahjesh manjrekar's movies... most of his movies have got some sub plots which are directly lifted from marathi plays. argh! its so annoying!

eisha said...

really? This is disgusting. How can they cheat so openly. I mean, this play Shortcut is a well known play by NSD, running for years. It is not some chottu play, where audience will never find out the truth. Takes guts or simply shamelessness to do this.

Anush said...

Hey. Didn't know you were big on plays. And seriously, quite journalistic this one was.

Haven't seen Metro or the play. But I'm sure the play has left an impact on you to take notice of this open plagiarism.

The movie world is full of 'inspired' plots. And funnily some of the new directors call it a 'tribute' while passing it on to the viewer.

Anush said...

Update update update!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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